Open Letter from Geovon K. Martin

Owner and CEO of New Progressionss, LLC
On June 3, 2016, a press release was issued by the Department of Justice listing my name as one of eight people who committed fraud in the state of Georgia. No other letter was released by the Department of Justice indicating that all of my charges were dismissed on March 8, 2017. (View Dismissal Letter).
I want to make sure that the community is aware that I, nor any of my staff, committed fraud in any shape or form. I should have never been charged with this crime.
We take our mission to serve others seriously. My staff and I understand that mental illness is real and that providing effective services are necessary to truly help others. As we provide these services, we maintain ethical and legal guidelines across the board. I cannot say how important this practice is to me and everyone who is a part of or connected to the New Progressions family.
We are open for business in Georgia, and in fact, still in operation in Mississippi.
As we have done for the past 13 years and counting, we continue to commit ourselves to helping others from a whole-health perspective while upholding the laws and ethics of all governing bodies.
If there are any questions about this letter, the past situation or our commitment to move forward please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

We will continue to be here to assist families that are in need of our services and we are excited about the qualified professionals that will join our team in the future!
Geovon K. Martin, CEO
New Progressions, LLC

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